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02 July 2017 ~ Comments Off on Mistakes To Avoid When Renting A Luxury Sports Car

Mistakes To Avoid When Renting A Luxury Sports Car

Whether you are interested in renting a luxury car to impress someone new or you want to indulge yourself a bit, you should try your best to avoid making any errors during your transaction. Here are a few things you should avoid if you want to avoid a headache while navigating this process.

Renting from an individual is a big no-no. It is crucial that you only consider renting from an authorized agency or you may be in for a lot more than you bargained for. There are some people who rent their vehicles in order to earn an extra income and these vehicles are not insured as rentals. This means that you can end up in serious hot water if it is damaged while it is in your possession.

Don’t forget to call ahead to ensure the vehicle you want is the one you will drive away in once you arrive to pick up your rental. There are many small companies that use stock photos to make their inventory appear larger than it actually is. As a result, people end up sorely disappointed when they find out the vehicle they wanted is not available at all. Imagine booking a Maserati Gran Turismo and the only car they have on hand when you get there is a Toyota Camry.

Opting out of additional insurance coverage is not a smart decision at all. Even if you are typically a safe driver, it is best to err on the side of caution. If you get behind the wheel of a Maserati and you end up causing irreparable damage, it can put you in a serious financial nightmare you were not prepared for. The cost of insurance coverage is cheaper, so bite the bullet and add this.

Driving off the lot before giving the car a once over is not suggested. Once you take the vehicle off the property, you are responsible for the condition it is in once you return it. This is why you need to check for damages and alert someone right away. Also, take a few pictures with your mobile phone as proof in case there is some kind of dispute at a later time. You will have no recourse if there are scratches all over the car and you didn’t notice them, so make sure to have a thorough look.

Expecting the car you rent to be in 100% condition is a bit unrealistic. Sports cars are not swapped out as often as less expensive vehicles, which means they tend to have more wear and tear. You should not be upset if there are a few small scrapes or something of that nature. Insisting on a perfect car means that you may end up with something other than the one that you want; be mindful.

Renting a sports car can be very fun and exciting. Avoiding all of these errors will ensure you have a satisfying experience as opposed to a regrettable one.

21 October 2016 ~ Comments Off on All You Need To Know About Luxury Car Rental In Geneva

All You Need To Know About Luxury Car Rental In Geneva

Most people have, at some point or another, hired a rental car for their traveling purposes. The most common arena where this may occur is when traveling to another country or state via an airline where we may need a car for convenience. Generally, the most typical choice for a rental car is a mid-size something possibly similar to the type of car the person would drive on a daily basis. For example, if the individual drives a pick-up the chances are they would rent a pick-up van for comfort and ease of use. Yet, the luxury car rental is always on the cards and may be exciting, right?

Contrary to popular belief, luxury car rental in Geneva services from tend to offer both mid-sized and luxury car rentals of all makes and models.

blue-bentley-continentalMost vehicles, such as the Cadillac or Town Cars, are able to accommodate approximately six people in complete comfort with a mass of trunk space for excess luggage. Taking this into account, the question remains: why rent a boxy car from the rental company when a luxury, roomy, and comfortable car is available? In addition, many of the luxury car rental prices are comparable and present with a number of benefits.

As is mentioned, many people choose to hire a luxury car in Leeds similar to the type they drive at home due to the comfort and ease of use; therefore, those who drive luxury cars on a regular basis would be most comfortable using a luxury car rental in Geneva.

In fact, even if the company policy specifies that a mid-sized vehicle must be hired for company travel, it is possible to obtain an upgrade to a luxury car if you are willing to pay for the upgrade personally.

It might be possible to convince the company accounting department to provide a waiver of the fees if you need the back support offered by the more stable and structured seating in a luxury car. This is worth a try, if you are really looking for an upgrade. Another possible argument for the luxury car rental is that driving this type of car is much safer because of its sturdy build and the room area allowing less damage to yourself if a car accident should be experienced.

When planning a vacation and realizing some “vacation driving” will need to be completed, it may be worthwhile opting for a luxury car rental alternative from either Apex Luxury Car Hire or Toyota if your own car is small or somewhat aged not being able to take the stress of this type of travel.

The little expense to the luxury car rental in Geneva service may be a strong, positive investment as it will provide added comfort the for long hours spent on the road. Unlike the “normal” vehicle offering traditional fans for air control, luxury cars tend to have thermostatic control options with automatic fans – an ideal when traveling long distances in warm climates. This is surely a strong argument to hiring a luxury car when making a trip, vacation or not, to any new destination.…